Last message

It is time for EMO to retire...

“At last!” some will say; “so soon” other will say. Yes, after ten years of dancefloor hopping, it is time for me to bow out. I hope to see many of you to enjoy with me my last night at the turntables.
I’m not used to write and even less to open my heart but I wish with these few lines to share with you what my life has been during these years at 150Bpm.


  • more than 250 bookings, about twenty of them abroad (Germany, France, Austria, Italy).
  • 5 releases, some of them played by famous names (Dana) during legendary parties (Sensation Black).
  • you’ve been more than 8'000 to use my guestlists.
  • a lot of “intros” to many djs
    I remember one in particular, during the first Sundance where, as the only Swiss artist on the main floor, I had the privilege to introduce Dana, as a 19 years old dj!
I had the privilege to participate in the very beginning of Hardstyle, then called “Progressive”, and its hours of glory, mythical parties of the Mad underground floor with the condensing raining on the turntables, Trance transformation, the arrival of digital release and finally, to my great regret, the slow death of vinyles.

So many things to tell! So many memories!

This “career” allowed me to meet some people who became close friends. Thanks to you all for your help and your support. Special thanks to:

  • Sara who entered my life during a “Hardstyle Force” evening at the 4310 club.
  • Frank for teaching me how to mix, although the conditions were doubtful!
  • Bidou and Sarah whose talents served me some many times!
  • Moune who enabled me to buy my first MKII and who still asks me for mixes.
  • Every person with whom I had the pleasure to work and who trusted me, more particularly Camacho & Manu from the Mad, the Outface staff, Hervé and all the Vibration staff, Rachel and Zea, Schmidou.
  • My stage collegue: Deb, Yann, Andres, Marc, JP and all the others...
  • My friends, always ready to have a drink: Hercule, Steph, Moha, Massimo, Jehan, Patricia
  • Every other person I should thank here but who will not be...
  • And of course, you, faithful public, without whom nothing would have been possible!
I will keep in touch with the night world, which I like very much, through my different projects, such as The Dummiez, Dancefloor and Creativ Concept.

I close this musical chapter of my life smiling, but also with some sadness. There is a time for everything and EMO's time has come. I hope you enjoyed my sets as much as I enjoyed mixing them.

It is now time for you, young talents, to take up your challenge! When I began, a famous dj told me “ You wanted the bike, now ride it!”, so, after ten years, this bike I leave it for you now. Put it to good use, have fun in giving to your public the opportunity to forget, for a set time, their daily problems.